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Paul Coelus
What's In A Name?

Torso of the Augustus of Prima Porta statue, Vatican Museum. The Roman god Coelus (or Caelus) is at the top of the cuirass. (Photo: Sailko)

A heavenly bouquet?

Alfa Romea "Coelus" concept car by
Jan Bujnak (details)

"Coelus" ski boot concept by
Árpád Takács (details)

Coelus ciliatus (ciliate dune beetle)
(Photo © Joyce Gross, 2009)

Coelus globosus (globose dune beetle)
(Photo © Kevin Lentz, 2008)


Was Stonehenge built by the Romans to honor the god Coelus?

Parides coelus

Coelus patrilineal genealogy
Courtesy of D. Coelus